FAT! Sure, recently there has been a move to make it something to accept and even be proud of, but if you are like me then you still hate it. And if you are like me you have been hating it for a very, very long time. What’s worse is that hating fat can become hating you. So….what to do?  Well, stop hating and start loving! But I am not talking about loving fat, I am talking about loving the strength you have to KEEP FAT OFF FOREVER!  I am talking about loving you.  (I am talking about) LOVINGSTRONG!

So much of my anxiety comes from my childhood. A curiosity burdened with task masters that spurned creativity and loved control…chariot drivers beating their horses with whips to go faster and faster…but not getting anywhere. Do you like me use food to calm your sense of anxiety?  To calm the urge because you have not been assigned to do something?  Sit down. Try to express what you are feeling. Feel yourself breathe. 

Slow rhythmic breathing can evoke a relaxing response within a few seconds. The following set of videos can help you achieve this. Each video shows a white triangle that expands and contracts. Inhale as it expands and exhale as it contracts. The words INHALE and EXHALE also serve as cues. The breathing pace of each video slows as you go scroll the page.

*****If breathing with the pacer feels uncomfortable in any way do not continue breathing with it.****

When you breathe with the pacer allow the breath to be gentle. There is no need to take big breaths. Even if each breath is only 1/2 of a full breath of air you will still get plenty of oxygen.

The most comfortable pace varies a bit from person to person, and ranges from about 5-7 breaths per min for most adults. That range is covered by the videos so you should be able to find one that is comfortable. Once you do, use it a few times a day to enjoy a minute or so of pure relaxation.